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Video Editors
Creative Services
Assistant Editing

The initial stage of post-production require an in-depth professional who can sync all of the original footage, back-up camera originals, create proxies and meta-tag all of the footage for better editing process. 


Animation can be a draughting task as it is highly labour intensive. Through multiple stages of storyboarding and consultation, we can create impactful animated explainer videos, animated titles as well as opening titles for film/TV.

Creative Editing

Finding a creative vision is what we do! The pacing is a key element that are essential when creating the perfect edit. Whether you are looking for a slow independent film or a catchy commercial project we have you covered.  

Color Correction

A Colorist is an integral part of the post-production process. Through consultation with our clients, our team is able to pull out the best possible color, looks and tonal range with today's imaging  technology.

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